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We've got the latest and greatest screwed up CD's from your favorite artists.  Some are regular speed and some are chopped and screwed. Check it out!!

Newest stuff as of: April 6, 2005

Paul Wall & The Grit Boyz - On the Grind
Paul Wall - The Peoples Champ Mixtape Chopped and Screwed
3 6 Mafia - Most Known Unknowns Chopped & Screwed
Mike Jones - Leader of The New South
Z-Ro - Let the Truth Be Told Chopped and Screwed
Mr. Pookie - The Best of
Paul Wall & The Grit Boys - On The Grind
Jody Breeze - Stackin Papur Mixtape
OG Ron C - Fuck Action 41
Chamilitary - Tippin Down 2K5
Magno Blueprint 1.7
Slim Thug & DJ Drama - Boss Basics
OG Ron C - Spring Break 2K5
Boss Hogg Outlaws Vs.Color Changin Click
Color Changin Click - Deuce Bigalow
8Ball MJG - Legend Series Mixtape
Lil O- Jealous Got Me Strapped
DJ Drama & PSC - Pimp Squad Click
DJ Drama & Team Helaflow - Network Kings
Chamillionaire & DJ Drama - Man on Fire
Paul Wall - The Mixtape
Magno, Tite, & Kotti - block 2 Block (2 Disc)
Bun B - Get Screwed Up (hosted by DJ Keyz)
Chamillionaire & Stat Quo - Big Business
DJ Smallz - Southern Smoke 18
Freestyle Kingz - Dirty 3rd Vol. 4
50/50 Twin - M.O.E.
DSR & Sunny Shynerz - Freestyle Superbowl 2
DSR - DSP Da Underground
DSR Addiction - Gold Teeth (2 Disc)SwishaHouse - Final Chapter 2K5
Boss Hogg Outlaws - Headed To Da Kappa 2K5
Lil KeKe - Undaground All Stars - Da Texas Lineup 2K5
DJ Rapid Ric - Wat it Dew 2 hosted by Bun B & Killa Kyleon
Z-Ro - Let The Truth Be Told
Z-Ro - Nuthin But The Gangsta In Me
DJ Ideal - Da Bottom 4 Hosted by Bun B
Three Six Mafia Presents Choices 2 - The Set Up Chopped and Screwed
50 50 -Grown Man Style (2 Disc)
Dirty South Rydaz & Sunnyside Shynerz - Freestyle Superbowl 2
Dirty South Ryder Presents DSP - Da Underground
Dirty South Rydaz - Addiction
Freestyle Kings - Dirty 3rd Vol 1 (CREAM)
Mike Jones - Who Is Mike Jones
Southern Smoke 17
Gangsta Grillz hosted by Lil Wayne
DJ Who Kid & Chamillionaire - The Truth
Lil Flip and Zro - Kings of the South
Pimp C - Sweet James Jones Story Chopped and Screwed
Tum Tum - Return of O-tumma
Guerilla Maab - 3D2 In The Mist of Guerillas
Guerilla Maab - Resurrected Screwed
Guerilla Maab - Year of the Underdawgs (2 Disc)
Z-Ro - Z-ro
Z-Ro - Crusin Ridgemont
Z-Ro - King of Da Ghetto
Z-Ro -Mo City Don
Z-Ro -Undaground King
Z-Ro - Undaground King Vol. 2
Z-Ro -Underground Railroad Vol. 1
Z-Ro - Underground Railroad Vol. 2
Z-Ro - Welcome to Houston
Color Changin Click - Ya'll Dont Want It With Us
T.I. - Urban Legend Chopped and Screwed
Chamillionaire - Chamillitary
SCC & Lil Boosie - Both Sides of The Track Chopped and Screwed
SUC - Strait Wreckin he SUC Mixtape
Trae - Drama (2 Disc)
DJ Dolla - You've Been Warned hosted by Paul Wall
DJ Rapid Ric - Wat It Dew hosted by Chamillionaire
DJ Drama Presents Young Jeezy - Tha Streets Iz Watchin
DJ Smallz - Fuck You Mixtape - hosted by Ludacris
Tite - Da D3 Nut
Southern Smoke 16 Hosted by C-Murder
Boss Hogg Outlaws - In Da Beginning 2k5
Young Jeezy - Trap or Die
Boss Hogg Outlaws Presents PJ The Rap Hustla
Paul Wall and Chamillionaire - Controversy Sells
Lil Flip - The Takeover
Lil Flip and Zab Judda - soldiers
Lil KeKe - Currency
Lil KeKe - Street Stories Vol. 1
SwishaHouse - Choppen Em Up 9
Magno - The NewPrint
Rasaq - Ghetto Status (2 Disc)
Slim Thug - Got Plex
Slim Thug - I Represent This
Southern Smoke 15 - hosted by Slim Thug
Sir Daily and Money Mel - Still Hungry
Big Hawk - Under Hawks Wings Chopped and Screwed
ESG - Sailin Da South Screwed
50 Cent - Guess Who's Back Chopped and Screwed
Jive Records Presents - Mystikal Chopped and Screwed
Jive Records Presents - UGK chopped and Screwed
Lil Wayne - The Carter Chopped and Screwed
Slim Thug - The Boss
Boss Hogg Outlaws - Still Grindin 2K4
Boss Hogg Outlaws-Keepin It Gangsta 2k4
Boss Hogg Outlaws-Look at Us Now 2k4
OG Ron C - Fuck Action 39 (tribute to Rick James)
OG Ron C & Kay Slay - Get on Ya Grind
Chamillitary Entertainment Presents Rasaq - Bootleggerz Special 1.5
Yung Ro - Pain (2 Disc)
Swisha House - Full Time Hustler
Southern Smoke 14
DJ D Feel Me or Kill Me Mixtape
DJ Rapid Ric - Fist Full of Dollars Hosted by Paul Wall and Trae
DJ Killatone - Welcome to the South Hosted by Chamillionaire and Stat Quo
3-6 Mafia and Fiend Da Headbussaz Chopped and Screwed
Scarface - Last of a Dying Breed Chopped and Screwed
3-6 Mafia - When The Smoke Clears Chopped and Screwed
Paul Wall - How to be a Player
Paul Wall - Ghetto Grammy's
DJ Kay Slay Certified Trouble Makers vol. 5 Hosted by Slim Thug
SwishaHouse Thrya Hooked
Mike Jones - King of the Streets
DJ Drama Presents Bun B & MiddleFingaz
DJ Drama Presents T.I. & PSC-Down With The King
Lil Keke & Shorty Mac - Bad Company
Mike Jones & Slim Thug - Northside Bosses

Screwed CD of the Week: Three Six Mafia - Most Known Unknowns Chopped & Screwed
Non-screwed CD of the Week: Mike Jones - Leader of the New South

Check out the archives below


7-1-3 New South Movement
Boss Hogg Outlaws-All Freestyles Vol 3 2004 (2 Disc)
Boss Hogg Outlaws-Boyz N Blue 2004 (2 Disc)
Boss Hogg Outlaws - Broke All Rulez Pt. 2
Boss Hogg Outlaws-Keepin It Gangsta
Boss Hogg Outlaws-Lights Off 1
Boss Hogg Outlaws-Lights Off 13
Boss Hogg Outlaws-Lights Off 14
Boss Hogg Outlaws-Underground Allstars 2K3
Boss Hogg Outlaws-Undergroung Hoggin
Chamillionaire - Mixtape Messiah (3 Disc)
Chamillionaire-Greatest Hits (2 Disc)
Charlie Boy and Tite-Still Standin
Color Changin Click-After the Superbowl XXXVIII
Color Changin Click-Before Da Kappa 2K2
Color Changin Click-Bobby Booshay
Color Changin Click-Bobby Booshay 2
Color Changin Click-Bootleggaz Special
Color Changin Click-Da Army (2 Disc)
Color Changin Click-Homer Pimpson
Color Changin Click-Starvin Marvin
DJ Screw-3 in The Mornin'
DJ Screw - Hold Ya head (2 Disc)
DJ Screw - 3 years Later (2 Disc)
DJ Screw-Purple Potion
DJ Screw-The Legend (2 CDs)
ESG and Slim Thug-The Boss Hogg Outlaws
Fat Bastard-Get N My Belly (2 Disc)
Freestyle Kingz-Dirty 3rd Vol. R 2004
Freestyle Kingz - Purple Platinum 2004
Freestyle Kingz-No Holds Barred
Freestyle Kingz-The Wreckin Crew 2003
Guerrilla Maab - Ressurrection
Lil Flip- Cloverland
Lil Flip - 22 Million Dollars Later
Lil Flip - 3 Headed Monster
Lil Flip-My Last Underground
Lil Flip-The Leprechaun
Lil Flip-U Gotta Feel Me (2 Disc)
Lil Flip-Underground Legend
Lil Flip and Paul Wall-U Gotta Feel Us
Lil Flip and Pimpin Ken-Pimpin Aint Dead
Lil Flip and Sucka Free Presents 7-1-3
Lil Flip and Sucka Free Presents The Remixes
Lil Flip and Will Lean-Clover G's
Lil Keke and H.A.W.K. - Wreckin 2K4
Lil KeKe-Changin Lanes (2 Disc)
Lil KeKe-Coast 2 Coast
Lil Ken-Back 2 The Stable II
Magno Presents - Payday Mixtape
Magno-Collection Plate (2 Disc)
Magno-Presents Wildlife Ent. Mix Show Vol. 1
Mike Jones and Slim Thug - Northside Bosses
Mike Jones - Ice Age
Mike Jones-Ballin Underground
Mike Jones-Runnin Da Game
Mike Jones and Magno-1st Round Draft Pics (2 Disc)
Mr. Lucci - Texas Freestyle Massacre
Mr. Pookie - The Rippla
Mr. Lucci - Diabolical
OG Ron C - After The Kappa 2k4
OG Ron C - The Best of Lil Flip and Play-N-Skills
OG Ron C - Lil Mario: Street Fame
OG Ron C - Fuck Action 38
OG Ron C - After Da Kappa 2K3
OG Ron C - Paid-N-Full Mixtape
OG Ron C-Fuck Action 37.5
OG Ron C-Fuck Action 37
OG Ron C-Real Recognize Real (2 Disc)
OG Ron C-Southern Finest (Screwed)
OG Ron C - Fuck Action 38
OG Ron C-Spring Break 2K3 (2 Disc)
Paid in Full-Family Jewelz
Paul and Chamillionaire-Get Your Mind Correct
Paul Wall-Flossin Season
Paul Wall-The Chick Magnet
Slim Thug-Greatest Hits (2 Disc)
Slim Thug and Killa Kyleon-Havin Thangs (2 Disc)
Slim Thug and Lil KeKe-The Big Unit
Southern Smoke 7
Southern Smoke 11
Southern Smoke 12
Southern Smoke 13
Swish House - Before Da Kappa 2K4
Swisha House-All 2 Tight
Swisha House-Big Ballin Shot Callin
Swisha House-Fuck Action 10
Swisha House-Fuck Action 11
Swisha House-Fuck Action 12
Swisha House-Major without a major deal/The Day Hell Broke Loose 2 (2 Disc)
Swisha House-The Day Hell Broke Loose
Swisha House-The Final Chapter 2K3
Swisha House-The Final Chapter 2K4
Swisha House-All Freestyles 1 Northside 8
Swisha House-All Freestyles 2 Northside 9
Swisha House-All Freestyles 3 Northside 10
Swisha House-All Freestyles 4 Northside 11
Swisha House-All Freestyles 5 Northside 12
Swisha House-Choppin Em Up 1
Swisha House-Choppin Em Up 2
Swisha House-Choppin Em Up 3
Swisha House-Choppin Em Up 4
Swisha House-Choppin Em Up 5
Swisha House-Choppin Em Up 6
Swisha House-Choppin Em Up 7
SwishaHouse (Michael Watts) -Before Da Kappa 2K4
SwishaHouse - Straight to the Room 2004
Swishahouse - Tight Whips
Swishahouse - Rollin Strapped
Tow Down-Chicken Fried Steak
Trae Losing-Composure
Trae - Same Thing Different Day (3 Disc)
Trae and Z-Ro-Assholes by Nature (2 Disc)
Tum Tum, Big Tuck,Fat Bastard - All Freestlyes No Freestyles 2004
Yung Ro-Mr. Nobody/Welcome to Nobody Land (2 Disc)
Yung Ro-Undagrind (2 Disc)
Z-Ro-The Life of Joseph W. Mcvey
Z-Ro-Zero Tolerance
Z-Ro - Screwed up Click Representa

Chopped and Screwed Albums

3-6 Mafia-Da Unbreakables Chopped and Screwed
B.G.- Life After Cash Money Chopped and Screwed
Big Tymers-Big Money Heavyweights Chopped and Screwed
David Banner-MTA2/Baptized in Dirty Water Chopped and Screwed
David Banner - Mississippi Chopped and Screwed
Devin - 2 Tha Extreme Chopped and Screwed
Devin-The Dude Chopped and Screwed
Devin-Just Tryin 2 Live Chopped and Screwed
Dirty - Love Us or Hate Us Chopped and Screwed
Dirty South Rydaz(DSR)- Vol 3. Chopped and Screwed
Do or Die - Picture This Chopped and Screwed
Do or Die - Pimpin Aint Dead Chopped and Screwed
Eightball and MJG - Livin Legends Chopped and Screwed
Eightball and MJG-Space Age Forever Chopped and Screwed
Frayser Boy-Gone off that Bay Chopped and Screwed
Geto Boys - Til Death Do Us Part Chopped and Screwed
Geto Boys - Resurection Chopped and Screwed
Geto Boys-Greatest Hits Chopped and Screwed
Jay-Z - The Black Album Chopped and Screwed
Juvenile - Juve the Great Chopped and Screwed
Juve and the UTP Playas - The Beginning of the End Chopped and Screwed
Lil Boosie and Webbie-Ghetto Stories Chopped and Screwed
The Best of Lil Flip and Play-N-Skillz chopped and screwed by OG Ron C
Lil Flip - You Gotta Feel Me Chopped and Screwed
Lil Keke & Hawk - Wreckin 2k4 Chopped and Screwed
Lil Wyte-Doubt Me Now Chopped and Screwed
Master P - Good Side Bad Side - Chopped and Screwed (2 Disc)
Paul Wall and Chamillionare - Get your Mind Correct Chopped and Screwed
Paul Wall - How To Be A Player Chopped and Screwed
Paul Wall - Dedicated Vol. 3 Chopped and Screwed
Paul Wall - Flossin Season Chopped and Screwed
Paul Wall - Ghetto Grammys Chopped and Screwed
Paul Wall - The Chick Magnet Chopped and Screwed
Pimp C of UGK - Live From Harris County Jail Chopped and Screwed
Project Pat - Layin the Smackdown chopped and screwed
Rap-A-Lot Hits Chopped and Screwed
Rap-A-Lot - The Day After Hell Broke Loose Chopped and Screwed
Scarface - The Diary Chopped and Screwed
Scarface - Greatest Hits Chopped and Screwed
Scarface - Untouchable Chopped and Screwed
Scarface - My Balls and My Word Chopped and Screwed
Slim Thug and Lil Keke - The Big Unit Chopped and Screwed
Suave House Greatest Hits Chopped and Screwed
Tela-Double Dose Chopped and Screwed
Trillville and Lil Scrappy - Chopped and Screwed
Twista-Kamikaze Chopped and Screwed
Young Buck - Strait Outta Cashville Chopped and Screwed
Z-Ro-Zero Tolerance Screwed
Z-Ro-Life Chopped and Screwed